Rollercoaster of Love

From day one, I’ve described motherhood as a rollercoaster, and I am 100% sure that I’m not alone! The ups and downs of being a parent can be so sudden and extreme. One minute your toddler is screaming at you because she doesn’t want to put pants on, and the next minute she’s saying, “I love you, Mama. Let me give you a kiss!” The ride is so exciting and scary at the same time, often making me feel more than a little off balance!

But no matter how high or low at any given moment, there is one constant, and that is love. A mama’s love takes on so many forms. Snuggles and cuddles and kisses are the best, but “tough love” is part of the equation, too. Saying “no” when necessary and correcting when needed are also a manifestation of our love and desire for our child to grow into a good person. My constant prayer is that God will continually fill my heart with love for this child, especially during the difficult times when my emotions try to take me in the opposite direction.

All that being said, I am going to share a list of 20 reasons I LOVE being mama to our girl. I guess this is a belated nod to Valentine’s Day (I’m never on time), and I can come back to this list when I start to feel overwhelmed by the battles. It always helps to just stop and remind myself of how greatly the Lord has blessed me. So, here’s the list, in no particular order:

  1. Having a sidekick who makes boring jobs more fun
  2. Tiny, unexpected kisses that melt my heart
  3. Having a legitimate reason to watch cartoons
  4. Looking at this girl and seeing little pieces of myself/my husband
  5. Hearing her sweet voice say a prayer or repeat a Bible verse
  6. Being proud when she brings a smile to whoever we meet
  7. Watching her grow and learn so much every day
  8. Getting to play with all the cool toys
  9. The opportunity to raise this child to love the Lord
  10. Having a child to take to other kid’s birthday parties
  11. Seeing things as new and exciting again through her eyes
  12. Watching her take care of her baby dolls like a sweet little mama
  13. Watching my husband play with her and make her laugh so hard
  14. Sharing pizza on a regular basis with someone who loves it as much as me
  15. Having a shopping buddy at any given moment
  16. The way she sings so loud and hums all the time
  17. The responsibility that makes me follow the Lord more closely
  18. Coordinating outfits
  19. Opportunities to be super silly
  20. Her sparkling eyes and bouncy curls

That list is nowhere near complete, and it was all over the place, but that’s how it is, right?!

Leave a comment below with a reason or two that you love being a mama!

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