What Do I Need?

need: require something because it is essential or very important rather than just desirable

Oxford Dictionary of English

Once upon a time, I had a paying job, and I bought all the things. We had a big house with storage areas galore and filled them all up with stuff that I didn’t even remember I had. When we decided to downsize so I could stay home with Little Bit, we donated so. much. stuff. that just wouldn’t fit in our new place. And I don’t miss it.

I’m actually still trying to get a handle on the amount of stuff in our home. It’s amazing how much more stuff another small person accumulates (and I might have a little bit of a craft supply problem). I’m not a huge fan of moving stuff in order to clean under it, so I have the occasional decluttering spell and haul off a few boxes of stuff. I really don’t know how there’s so much left!!

As I sort through a pile of stuff (anyone counting how many times I use the word stuff?), I find myself asking, “Do I really need this?” I can usually come up with a reason to keep something (maybe that’s the problem), but if I were truly basing my decisions on need, most things could go out the door. That’s not going to happen, but it’s just something I’ve been reflecting on.

And when I think about the question of need in a spiritual light, I only need Jesus. He’s the answer to everything that really matters. There’s not a cool gadget or pretty trinket in my house that can quiet my soul when I’m troubled or in a dark place in my mind. There’s nothing I can buy that gives me the grace to make it through tough times. There’s no person on earth that can know everything in my heart and send exactly what I need at any given time. And there’s no earthly treasure that can wash my sin away and make me fit for heaven some day. But Jesus can do all these things and more!

I Need Jesus
He’s All I Need

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