Blessed Beyond Measure

Shopping is usually a stressful experience for me. I head out with a specific goal in mind, something that I feel is simple and straightforward, but come up empty-handed after searching high and low. I don’t know if the problem is more with my expectations, the selections available, or my refusal to pay ridiculous prices for basic items, but I usually end up a bit grumpy by the end of the day. So, you can imagine my dread a few days ago when I needed to go shopping for pants, an item I have always struggled to find the right fit in.

When Little Bit and I head out on any adventure, I’ll say a prayer for safety and to be a light to someone along the way. On this particular morning, I also asked the Lord for help with the shopping task at hand, specifically that we would find what we needed and not bring home things we didn’t. That may seem like something silly to pray about, but I truly needed some pants that fit and I didn’t want to end up in a foul spirit over clothes!

Fast forward to in the car after shopping, and I’m telling Mom how amazed I am that I found pants that were just right and at a really great price (apparently Black Friday deals are happening all November lol). I was going on and on about how I couldn’t believe what I’d found, but I lost words for a moment when I suddenly remembered our prayer from the morning. I was humbled and overwhelmed that the Lord answered my prayer about something so trivial.

But I should not be surprised when God meets my every need, because He said He would. It’s amazing how He has helped us make it on one income while I’ve been at home with Little Bit. We have everything we need and plenty of things that we don’t. We have never gone without plenty of food, clothes to wear, or a roof over our heads, and I haven’t been worried about not having any of these things. I may complain sometimes about skyrocketing prices, but I know the Lord will make a way to provide, no matter what the future holds.

Thank You Lord, For Your Blessings On Me

This song holds a special place in my heart. I remember singing it all my life, but especially in my first and second grade classroom (public school, nonetheless). Our teacher had little motions that we would do on the chorus, one of which was showing with our fingers how many people were in our family. I’m so thankful to be able to hold up three fingers today!

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