Don’t Waste That!

Little Bit is a very moody eater. She likes most foods, as long as the given food is what she wants in that moment. She will usually request french fries more than any other food, but if she’s not in the mood for them will actually say, “I don’t like french fries.” She will often ask for a particular food, then eat everything else on her plate except that food. And sometimes she just won’t eat anything, even when I offer everything I can think of and I know she must be hungry!

I guess her eating habits are normal for a three-year-old, but it really bothers me when she won’t eat. On the one hand, I want her to have the nutrition and energy she needs, and on the other hand, I don’t like throwing food away when it’s perfectly edible. As a result, I catch myself finishing what she leaves on her plate a lot of the time (depending on how much she played with her food). *Mama trick: Don’t put as much on your own plate, to make up for eating all the food your kid doesn’t!

The whole situation made me reflect on how I receive God’s Word:

  • Do I accept it all or choose the parts I want?
  • Do I eat enough to sustain my life?
  • Do I eat it with gladness or put up a fight?

I want to accept what God gives even more readily than I do natural food and not throw anything away!

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