Day 19 (Crafting): 30 Days of Thankfulness

Let brotherly love continue.

Hebrews 13:1

I am thankful for craft supplies. I know that sounds completely frivolous, but I really do find joy in making things. First of all, it’s really rewarding to be creative, to take ideas and pieces of stuff and turn it into something pretty (or interesting) and maybe even useful. The process of making things is relaxing (Mamas, raise your hands if you could use some stress relief) and a fun learning experience. I don’t pretend to be an expert at any kind of art, but I really do have fun trying. And I’m thinking that as Little Bit gets older, she’ll enjoy being crafty, too. She likes to help some now, but mostly just wants to add stickers to whatever I’m working on! She has sort of picked up on card-making, scribbling little “notes” on her own to hand out, so I am hopeful!

Secondly, I like to come up with projects to make people smile, whether it’s a card, a sign, a sticker, or something without an actual name (told you I’m no art expert). Something simple is often all it takes to show love, whether it’s a personalized card or gift for family and friends or a sticker handed out to a random stranger. And I especially love when I’m able to incorporate Bible verses that could be a help and a light. You just never know what might point someone to Jesus!

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