Mirror, Mirror

I’m sure any parent will agree that if you want to see a really clear picture of yourself, have a child! All the shirts and things that say “mini me” are labeled that way for a reason. Being able to see myself in my little girl is amazing. She definitely has my wild hair, thinks a lot about everything, and sings all. the. time. And it makes my heart smile when somebody says, “She’s just like you!” Disclaimer: Little Bit is very much like her Daddy, too lol!!

Then there are moments when I see a piece of myself in Little Bit that terrifies me…like my tendency to be stubborn and argue when I think I’m right. That’s when I feel all the responsibility of being a parent and earnestly pray that I can show her how to not make the mistakes I did growing up. And sometimes her actions just show me what I’ve been doing wrong and what I need to fix to be the example she needs.

Thinking about the parent-child relationship also made me think about myself as a child of God. Does He see himself in me? Am I walking like Jesus, in His image? Do I make Him proud? Or are there things in my life that displease Him and require correction? I want to constantly ask myself these questions so I can be the reflection of Jesus that my little girl needs to see, so that one day she can find Him for herself.

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