In the last month or so, there’s just been a lot happen in our family and community in the way of accidents and sickness. It felt like so much was happening all at once and I let myself get into quite a state…I went beyond worrying about the things that were actually happening, and found my imagination running wild and making me anxious and worked up over things that I thought might happen. I know that’s not the right way to be at all and I was driving myself crazy.

Now, let me tell you how the Lord snapped me out of it…

Little Bit recently turned four and has turned into a wild woman all of a sudden. Seriously, since her birthday, she has had more accidents than all her previous years combined. She has

  • Flipped off a couch and face planted, making her lip and gum bloody
  • Fallen on a golf cart and got a black eye
  • Been stepped on
  • Head butted my niece
  • Fallen up steps (she gets that from her mama)
  • and bumped into everything in her path because she really doesn’t look where she’s going AT ALL!

So, all of this happened in just a couple weeks, and even though there were some super scary moments, she is PERFECTLY FINE! Some of the things I worried about actually happened and turned out okay. Any of those situations could have resulted in a serious injury instead of the bumps and bruises she received. And realizing that made me see more clearly that God has us in His hands. I had not been trusting the Lord like I should have been, even though I knew better.

Bad stuff is going to happen, and sometimes it’s not going to turn out the way I want. I have experienced tragedies that made no sense to my mortal mind. That’s just part of living on the earth. But that doesn’t mean that God has stopped taking care of me. He knows everything about me and everyone else in the world. He knows what is best in every single situation, whether I understand it or not (Read Romans 8:28).

I am not proud of getting into such a funk, but I thank God for bringing me out of it. There’s so much peace when I just turn it all over to Him!

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