Christmas in July (or August)

Little Bit is not the most patient little girl (I guess that’s just part of being a kid). If we’re in the car for ten minutes, it’s the classic, ”Are we there yet?” or her refrain, ”It’s a long way!” Both said in the most pitiful, whining voice imaginable. And forget about taking the opportunity to nap and be refreshed when we get to our destination…she’s not doing that unless she just falls over against her will. And if she wants me to do something with her or for her, she will ask every thirty seconds until I complete whatever task I was doing whenever she asked the first time!

I get really frustrated with her sometimes, but to be honest, that’s a bit hypocritical. I think I usually come across as a pretty patient person, but on the inside, sometimes I’m not. I find myself asking the Lord the same questions over and over, anxious for an answer. I have even prayed to the effect of, “Lord, how long?” and sometimes feel like giving up on a certain situation. But the mama who waited almost sixteen years for a child should know better!!

I know that God’s timing is perfect. I know that He is working and putting everything together the way it should be, even when I don’t know what’s going on. I know He hears my prayers and wants what is best for me. And I know that whatever He has in store is totally worth the wait!

Here is a recent example of why not to give up:

A lady at our church has been praying that her husband would be saved for so many years. There’s no doubt that she often felt like giving up and that there was no use praying anymore. But just a few weeks ago, at the age of eighty (or maybe eighty-one), this man let the Lord change his life. It is such a blessing to walk into the church and see him sitting beside his wife. And I know there is joy unspeakable in her heart after all those years of praying for him.

So, instead of being like a kid counting down the days until Christmas, waiting for something big at a specific time, I just need to enjoy the gifts that God sends down every day and know that I will get what I need exactly when I need it!

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