Beyond the List

Little Bit and I are all about checklists. It’s not like I set out to turn her into a list maker, but it’s how I function, and she’s picked up the habit.

Here’s a list of some of the lists I make:

  • grocery list
  • shopping list (non-grocery)
  • monthly calendar
  • weekly to-do list
  • songs to practice
  • people to contact
  • errands to run
  • projects to complete
  • outfits that go together
  • possible gifts for others
  • places to eat
  • cards/gifts to make/buy

Just about any task that’s in my head makes it onto paper in the form of a list. It’s just how my brain works. And I LOVE checking things off when I get them done!!

And here’s a sample of the lists that Little Bit has initiated. Sometimes she asks me to write them down, but other times she’ll draw little pictures with check boxes. When she learns to spell, it’s all over…

  • her jobs for the day
  • her baby dolls’ activities for the day
  • people to make things for
  • things she wants to buy
  • games to play
  • foods to eat

I like to think that this inclination toward list making is a good thing, and I believe it mostly is. If I don’t write things down, they are less likely to get done, and I am very likely to forget them. And I already mentioned that I am highly motivated by check boxes…

But I do have to be careful that I don’t treat the Lord like an item on a to-do list. I don’t want to have the mentality of, “I’ve prayed today, let’s check that off the list,” or “I read my Bible, what’s next,” or “I asked Jesus to forgive me, got that done.”

Serving the Lord is more than just a task to put on my list, He should be the reason behind every list I make. He is my constant companion, guiding me and helping me through every decision I face and task I need to complete. If I try to put Him on a list, I am not giving Him full control over every aspect of my life, and I am missing out on the richness of a life devoted to Jesus.

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