When Mama Ain’t Looking

Little Bit has made it to a stage where she’s really doing a lot of things for herself (when she wants to haha). With these new abilities, I try to give her some freedom and the chance to make more decisions for herself. It won’t be long until she heads off to school, and I won’t be there to guide and correct her every moment of every day. And I’ll just tell you, I’m a little nervous about the whole ordeal…

For starters, she has made some silly choices lately, when left to her own devices. For example, just the other day, she wrote with a marker on our loveseat while I wasn’t looking. Since she started to talk, she’s been able to say, “markers (crayons, paint, etc.) are for paper,”and has mostly followed that rule, so I was completely shocked that she decorated the furniture.

Sometimes, when I give her a task to do, she’ll get right to it and do her best. Other times, I’ll walk away and come back a little later to find that my instructions were thrown out the window. In her defense, she’s easily distracted, but there are times when her response is along the lines of, “I didn’t want to do it.” And sometimes she just refuses to do something even if I’m standing there.

And, of course, I’m concerned about all the influences there will be that just don’t line up with God’s Word. That’s already a struggle with finding television shows fit to watch and music with suitable lyrics. And I’m just talking about content intended for children! It’s amazing what agendas are being pushed, even in media that is designed for toddlers and babies. It makes me nervous to think about Little Bit leaving the shelter of home and being exposed to all the chaos that is the world today.

I remember all the things I “learned” away from home, and it makes me cringe. I think about how technology today offers access to information beyond my imagination, and that terrifies me. And I’m struggling with the fact that I simply won’t have control over all these things.

But, praise the Lord, I know the One who is in control of everything and can be everywhere when I can’t!!

I know the One who will bring to her mind all the sound instruction she has heard and will continue to hear. She might choose to ignore this guidance sometimes, but it will be there.

I know the One who hears my prayers when I pray for my little girl.

I know the One who will put the right people in her life, friends and teachers who will encourage and help her to follow the right path.

I know the One who will help her know when things are not right.

I know the One who will speak to her heart when the time is right and give her the opportunity to have a Friend closer than Mama could ever be.

I know the One who can help her overcome the stubbornness and rebellion that rise up so easily.

I know the Lord can do all of these things in her life, because that’s exactly what He did (and is doing) in mine.

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