Resolve: decision, determination, boldness, courage, firmness, intention, steadfastness, will, willpower

I’ve always had a bit of a stubborn streak. And I know that those of you who know me probably just laughed out loud very loudly, because you know it’s so true! My strong will has often got me into trouble, especially when I think I’m right (sometimes I am 😉). But as I grow and let the Lord mold me, the stubbornness that can lean towards rebellion is being replaced by a resolve to serve the Lord no matter what.

There are plenty of things that I am not in charge of, but I am totally in charge of how I handle each situation that arises and whether I turn to the Lord and handle things His way. This is where resolve comes in. I have to make up my mind to be led by God’s Word and Spirit and not my feelings or what I think is right.

A few days ago, I found out that a company whose product I really liked and had several of is now very openly supporting a lifestyle that is ungodly. I was floored. This was something I used every day, had told other people about, and was considering basing a future business project on. I could have just kept on using my stuff like nothing ever happened. There are only a few people in my life who would have noticed or cared, and most folks would say it just didn’t matter. But the Lord had been dealing with me about similar situations, and I knew this was a moment when I was being tested.

So…with my heart breaking a bit, I rid my life of all that company’s products and started using something else. It hurt to let go of some of the things, and I almost kept an item or two, but I was determined to not have these products in my house. My actions may seem crazy or extreme, but I don’t want to partake of something that might hurt my ability to be a witness for Jesus. I make unintentional mistakes enough, so that I don’t need to willfully put a stumblng block in someone’s way.

This might seem like kind of a trivial example of resolve, but the concept stays the same across other situations. What if something I am reading or watching is putting garbage in my mind? What if someone in my life is influencing me spiritually in a negative way? What if an activity is keeping me from serving the Lord like I should? What if the preached Word tells me I need to change something in my life? I need to have the determination to stand and just do what is right, in the face of anyone and anything (including myself).

I’ve had to take a stand in a lot of little situations like this lately, so much so that it feels like I am spiritually decluttering my life, getting rid of a bunch of junk. And it feels even better than carting off loads of old clothes and toys. There is peace and satisfaction in knowing that a decision, no matter how big or small, is strengthening my relationship with Jesus. It is totally worth giving up some stuff here on earth to be able to make it to heaven someday.

Part of this stronger determination comes from now being a mama. Not only am I responsible for my own spiritual state, but I am charged with the task of leading our little girl in the ways of the Lord. I know she will have to make her own decision when she is older, but I want to do everything in my power to show her that God’s way is the best way.

That being said, we have been singing the song below for days!!! I heard a bluegrass duo sing this old hymn a few years ago, and it came back to my mind when I started thinking about this post. I can’t even count how many times I’ve caught myself singing or humming it without thinking. And Little Bit has been asking for this song specifically during our singing time. So I thought I would share it with you to help strengthen your resolve to serve the Lord. Listen closely and you can hear her singing along!

I Am Resolved

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