He’s Got This

We went to a local zoo over the weekend, and Little Bit had a blast! Every day since, she has piped up with questions and comments about her favorite animals. What do they eat? Why did they do this? What do they play with? And of course we talked about creation and how God made all the animals, so a frequent conversation goes like this: Who made the monkeys? God did! Who made the caiman? God did! Who made the sloth? God did! Who made the giraffes? God did! And so on…

Even as an adult, it was exciting to see animals that I don’t see every day and many I had never even heard of. The range of exotic animals made me reflect on how big the world really is and how amazing that God created everything in it. He knows every creature, plant, and person by name and has a plan and purpose for everything in existence. My mind cannot begin to comprehend the greatness of God.

So, when things seem to be falling apart and spinning out of control, I just remind myself that God is in charge of every. single. thing.

He’s Got the Whole World In His Hands

This is another song that can go on for a loooong time. Little Bit likes to put in the names of every person she knows and now all the animal names, too!

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