Stay Close

My little sidekick melts my heart sometimes! The other evening I was cooking supper and thought she was occupied for a little while so I could get it done. Just a couple minutes into prep, and here she comes, plopping down with her magnetic drawing pad right in the middle of the kitchen, where I would have to step over her as I cooked. Before I could even think of how to move her out of my way, she said, “I’m gonna play in the kitchen, because I always need you.”

Her words stopped me in my tracks for a moment and made me realize how much she still depends on me, even though she has an independent streak a mile long. She really does turn to me as her main source of guidance, help, and comfort. I know that’s the obvious relationship between a little girl and her mama, but something about her saying those words made me see my role in a new light.

Then I thought about how I should feel the same way about staying close to the Lord. He is my source for everything, and I should want to be as near to Him as I can possibly get. When I stay close to Jesus, I have the peace that passes understanding, no matter what is going on in my life. It’s when I let worldly things come between us that I get anxious and unsure. I need to hold on to God just like Little Bit clings to me for support, because I will always need Him!

I Need You, Lord

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