Before and After

Every house we have lived in has included a room that might as well be called a junk room. We might start out by giving it another name and intended purpose, but there’s always a place that ends up being the dumping ground for everything that we don’t know what to do with. In our current home, this room is supposed to be the guest bedroom/office. When we moved in, this room already had a gigantic built-in desk/shelving unit with tons of storage which I really thought would solve the problem, but I can’t even get to the bookcase in the corner because there is a huge pile of toys that need to be donated, handed down to cousins, or sold. And it’s a constant struggle to keep the bed clear of craft projects and all the things we throw in there to hide when we’re decluttering the rest of the house!

So…I am on a mission to make this room functional and get rid of all the stuff in the way. I’ve started out by getting all my craft tools, office supplies, and paper clutter under control, and feel like I’ve been successful with this part. I can pay the bills or work on a project quicker and easier because I know where things are, and it’s simpler to clean up when things are more organized and labeled. There is still a ton of work to do in this room, but here are before and after photos of the “office wall.”

I could stop this blog post here, because I know every mama needs some inspiration and motivation to declutter and organize and do all the home things, and I guess that purpose has been served. But there was a lot more on my mind during this process than home improvement…

I kept thinking about the “before and after” of knowing Jesus. Before I let Him clean me up, I was a total wreck. There was so much junk in my heart that nothing good could be found and I didn’t know which way was up. I didn’t do anything truly productive because I couldn’t see far enough to have a goal that wasn’t selfish and pointless. And I couldn’t do anything about it by myself.

But then I let Jesus come in and take control. I can’t explain how it happened, but His blood washed away every spot and made me a vessel that can be used for His purposes. Now, when my flesh gets in the way and leans toward things that will clutter my heart, His Spirit is there to warn me and remind me of what a mess I could get in. And when I do let junk in, the Water of the Word is available to clean it out. I just have to turn to Him, be willing to let go of the mess, and trust Him to “organize” me the ways He wants.

I can’t be the mama, or even the person, I need to be without the help of Jesus. My stubborn will is too strong for me to deal with on my own. I thank Him for loving me enough to straighten me out and keep me headed in the right direction. And I’m so thankful that He never changes and will still be there when Little Bit needs Him to make her new.

Jesus Loves Me

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